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Breastfeeding Support - The WOMB Vaughan

breastfeeding clinic

Breastfeeding at any stage...come in, sit back, we are here for you. 

THE WOMB’S Breastfeeding Clinic is a safe, loving and supportive environment where mothers feel empowered to achieve their breastfeeding goals through education, practical support and the normalization of the breastfeeding relationship. This means we open our arms to you and your challenges, and provide love and acceptance as we work together to rectify each of your concerns, bringing you and your baby closer together. You will get hands on assistance and education while you sit back on your “home-like” chair or couch. 

You will have the expert support of Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's) for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Visits include follow up phone, email and text support.

The WOMB can help with:

  • Private prenatal breastfeeding classes

  • Prevention of common breastfeeding challenges

  • Adopting mothers: Induced Lactation support

  • Surrogacy pregnancies: Induced Lactation support

  • Same sex couples: Induced Lactation support

  • Introducing Solid Foods with Breastfeeding

  • Candida challenges

  • Infant Weight loss

  • "Fussy" babies

  • Frequent feeders

  • Nipple/breast pain

  • Low blood sugars in baby

  • Mother's hormone disorders

  • Colic/reflux/gassiness

  • Jaundice

  • Caesarian post-recovery support

  • Supplementation methods

  • Feeding multiples

  • Tandem feeding

  • Return to work concerns

  • Weaning


private in-home or in-hospital support

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can assist you with establishing breastfeeding within the first few hours of your baby or babies' life and/or troubleshoot any breastfeeding challenges that you may be experiencing. Phone, email and text support included.


prenatal breastfeeding class

Facilitated by certified lactation consultants, this prenatal breastfeeding class will help you understand your baby's biological needs right from birth and how meeting those needs will facilitate increased breastfeeding success and parenting confidence.

What to expect to learn:

  • how to establish a connection to your baby right from the beginning

  • how skin to skin contact helps establish breastfeeding

  • where breastmilk comes from and how to ensure a great supply

  • the essentials of knowing how to express breastmilk

  • what is 'normal' newborn breastfeeding behaviour

  • establishing a latch and positioning your baby at the breast

  • understanding the relationship between happy babies and full tummies

  • the role of partners in the breastfeeding relationship

  • what to do in special situations (jaundice, hypoglycemia, weight loss)

  • where to get support

  • ask questions and get answers!

Women who are supported by their partners are more successful with breastfeeding, so we encourage parents to attend the class together. 

Classes are offered both private and group setting. 



breastfeeding café 

Come and share your joys, challenges and unique breastfeeding experiences in an informal get-together. This drop-in group is facilitated by our IBCLC's. This group is an opportunity for parents to connect with one another and build their village through all the joys and challenges of parenting. 


Drop In Groups are FREE  - however, a donation to our Angel Fund (suggested $5) would be appreciated.  The Angel Fund benefits families in need by providing education, health & wellness support as well as birth and/or postnatal doula support.