holistic sleep coaching


Our holistic sleep coaches believe that you know your child best, and you should always follow your gut. This simple but important adage is at the core of our approach to sleep.

While working together, parents will learn to focus on their baby’s cues, and to better trust their instincts. Our goal is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices, while building connected relationships. We are passionate about helping families improve sleep without resorting to sleep training. We never utilize extinction or separation-based techniques to get children to sleep. The result is that, when developmentally ready, a baby will be comfortable falling asleep. Parents should not have to choose between a cry it out, or a wait it out approach. There is a middle ground, and we are here to help.

While working with our holistic sleep coaches, you can expect to feel supported in whatever choices you are making for your family. We will work together to keep the parts of your sleep routine that you love, and make changes to alter the parts that are no longer working.

This approach is applicable for sleep and beyond. Learning to be a responsive parent is incredibly helpful in your parenting journey. In addition to providing sleep education, we also work with families to better support their children’s attachment needs; even outside the realm of sleep. We offer coaching sessions to give primary caregivers the confidence to parent effectively, while supporting emotions and setting developmentally appropriate expectations for their children.