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our mission

The WOMB is a gathering space of origin, growth and love. It is a wholeness centre that nurtures and nourishes families by providing and inspiring commUNITY and CONNECTion.


our vision


To grow, nurture and inspire within our commUNITY of WOMBs that provide education, products and a collaborative, whole health team in a loving and nourishing environment.


our roots

The WOMB’s ROOTS ground us, provide our foundation, and nourish our vision and mission. The following values represent our philosophies and guide us as we endeavor to nurture, love and inspire communities.

connection and community



Love and connection are expressed in our relationships with our family, our team, our community, our earth and most importantly with ourselves. Love and connection nourishes, nurtures, and supports these relationships through compassion, communication, kindness, respect, inclusivity, synergy, faith and trust. 

  • We value listening, compassion, love and kindness and treat ourselves, our clients and our community with consideration and tenderness.

  • We value the role of others - partners, family and community in all aspects of pregnancy, birth, parenting and through every stage of life. 

  • We value teamwork and collaboration and respect each other’s strengths while working together to produce synergistic outcomes and experiences. 

  • We value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ and communities’ information. 

nurture, love and inspire


Expressing and connecting to our individual nature and essence allows us to each grow, develop, learn and evolve into the people that INSPIRE our families, friends, community and especially our CHILDREN. With kindness and compassion, awareness, inclusivity, integrity and wisdom, we can inspire the next generations to be true to themselves too. 

  • We value gratitude, appreciation and joy as a balanced way of being and we choose to bring these into our daily activities and the culture that we create.

  • We value individual expression and care for our clients without prejudice against age, race, religion, culture, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities or socio economic background.

  • We value integrity and walk our talk leading by example in our personal and professional lives by connecting to and expressing from our authentic selves.

  • We value pregnancy, birth and parenting as holistic life events.

giving and charity


The vision of The WOMB began with 2 women, but it has grown to encompass whole communities of love. The WOMB is so grateful that families have not only given The WOMB support, but have trusted it with the support of their families and referrals to friends. The WOMB’s community has also come together in times of need to support others in its communities who are in need of love and a helping hand. Because of the community’s generosity and The WOMB’s desire to 'pay it forward', The WOMB has chosen to put together its “Angel Fund”. It is a fund that sees the light in every darkness by supporting families with services that they couldn’t otherwise afford or access. 

  • We value sharing and providing for families and communities in need.

  • We value collaboration with charity organizations that align with our mission, vision and roots.

preserving mother earth​​





Our children are our roots, our legacy, our life-giving aspect of nature and we are their sustainer of life. It’s marvelous to The WOMB that this is exactly how our earth must feel about us. She protects us by providing life-supporting air, nourishes us with creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans to hydrate, and land upon which to sow our crops. Thus, at The WOMB we believe it is our sacred and divine duty to respect our mother earth, preserve her legacy, conserve her resources and keep her as clean as possible. 

  • We value protecting our Mother Earth through the use of sustainable practices, reusable resources, minimizing waste and use of toxic, synthetic products. 


learning, evolving and growth


This root very much ties into our deep belief that when you know more, you do better. The WOMB acknowledges that learning is a lifelong process. It means growing in awareness, taking the opportunities for education, developing intuition, living by our own core values, and listening to our inner wisdom. The opportunity to learn and evolve is everywhere. “Trust yourself. Fall back on us.”

  • We value informed choice. We provide the information and resources necessary for each unique person and family to make educated decisions based on their individual needs and goals.

  • We value continued growth and rites of passage of the individual through all stages of life.