Sharyn Feldman

Parent Educator

BA, Psychology, MA, Counselling Psychology (In Progress)

Sharyn wholeheartedly believes that a foundation of mindfulness, curiosity and self-compassion helps deepen the parent-child connection.  As a passionate parent educator and family life coach, she strives to help mothers regulate their own stress and find more ease in their parenting.

Her philosophy is one of respecting children from the very beginning in order to foster in them a sense of self-confidence and independence.  She teaches value-based parenting through an innately sensible approach which provides moms with the clarity and confidence they seek. Through working with Sharyn, moms learn to develop mindful awareness which helps to decrease symptoms of anxiety, and reduce parental stress.  Together, you will discover how to spark that joy that will carry you through the more challenging parts of day-to-day parenting.

Sharyn has worked in early learning centres and social service agencies, advocating for the health and wellness of children and families.  Along the way, she discovered that what she loves most is teaching and supporting parents.

Sharyn has advanced training in infant mental health and is currently completing her Masters in Counselling Psychology.

She shares her experiences as both a professional and as a parent.

Sharyn has three grown children who share her love of spontaneous road trips to small towns with great indie coffee shops.